[23] In May of 1965, a straw vote was taken as to "whether the doctrine of Casti Connubii was irreformable" and "whether artificial contraception is intrinsically evil." The voting members of the Commission (now limited to bishops and cardinals) voted "no" on both issues with 15 to 4 tallies. At the final meeting in 1966, the final report was approved after the voting members were tallied on three questions: (a) whether artificial contraception is intrinsically evil [9 voted "no"; 3 voted "yes"; 3 abstained]; (b) whether contraception as defined in the final report is in basic continuity with tradition and the declarations of the magisterium [9 voted "yes"; 5 voted "no"; 1 abstained]; and (c) whether the pope should speak on this question as soon as possible [14 voted "yes"; 1 voted "no"] [Robert McClory, Turning Point (New York: Crossroad, 1995), 99, 127].