[8] This document retains the historically inaccurate claim that indulgences have a solid foundation in the apostolic period: "The doctrine of indulgences and their practice have been in force for many centuries in the Catholic Church. They would appear to be solidly founded on divine revelation handed down 'from the apostles.'" (Indulgentiarum Doctrina 1). In fairness, I want to point out that it does contain a criticism of the misapplication of indulgences without naming any names: "Unfortunately, the practice of indulgences has on occasions been improperly applied. This has been either through 'untimely and superfluous indulgences' [an oblique reference to recent popes] which humiliated the power of the keys and weakened penitential satisfaction or it has been through the collection of 'unlawful profits' [an oblique reference of Pope Leo X] which blasphemously took away the good name of indulgences" (Indulgentiarum Doctrina 8).