[9] Robert Mickens, "On the revival of indulgences under Benedict XVI," The Tablet (http://ca.renewedpriesthood.org/hpage.cfm?Web_ID=736). While the liturgical renewal was guided by Catholics who politely ignored indulgences, some conservative Catholics want to maintain the centrality of papal indulgences as a permanent and necessary ingredient of Catholic identity and lament the sharp decline following Vatican II. See, for example, "A Primer on Indulgences" by James Akin (a Catholic who used to be a Protestant), "Indulgences" by Paul S. Czarnota, or "Purgatory: a Biblical Exegesis" by Robert Sungenis. For a carefully prepared lament based on solid historical studies, see "Indulgences in the Life of the Church Part 3," at http://www.angelusonline.org/index.php?section= articles&subsection=show_article&article_id=2354.